Weekly Mowing

We pride ourselves on being consistent, reliable and honest with our mowing service. We wont mow unless it needs it. This service includes mowing, string trimming and blowing off hard surfaces. 

Lawn Care

Mowing - Edging - Trimming - Fertilizer - Weed Control - Aeration

Fertilizer Treatments

Your lawn needs to eat! It gets nutrients through many sources including decaying plant and animal matter but sometimes it just isn't enough. We often do three fertilizer treatments in a year. This will provide the proper nutrients your grass needs to stay thick and healthy!

Weed Control

Weeds choke out healthy grass from growing. We specialize in identifying and eradicating invasive weeds from your lawn. We are licensed and insured to properly treat your property. 


Grass roots need air. Air pockets allow water and nutrients to reach the roots. Soil over time becomes compacted and prevents the grass roots from accessing the nutrients they need. We can aerate your lawn in the spring or fall to help create a beautiful thick lawn. 

We service the following Illinois communities: Sullivan, Mattoon, Windsor, Shelbyville, Arthur, Lovington, Bethany, Findlay, Mt. Zion, Dalton City, Charleston, Strasburg, Stewardson 



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